Proceedings of the conference on topic "The Eternity of Huseyn Javid" prepared for publication


The House-Museum of Huseyn Javid of ANAS has prepared for publication the materials of the II Republican Scientific Conference "The Eternity of Huseyn Javid", dedicated to the 138th anniversary of the birth of the great poet and playwright Huseyn Javid.
The collection contains the full text of interesting reports in which the life and work of the writer are examined from various aspects. Of particular interest are the articles of the director of the museum, Doctor of Philological Sciences Gulbaniz Babakhanli "Romanticism of Yashar Garayev and Javid", Doctor of Philological Sciences Azizagha Najafzadeh "Repetition of words in Javid's lyrics", Mehriban Najafzadeh "Artistic features of the poetic language of Huseyn Javid" and others.
Note that the electronic version of the collection edited by Gulbaniz Babakhanli will soon be posted on the museum's website

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