Reading contest on topic “Pearls from Huseyn Javid's Poetry” summed up


The reading contest on topic "Huseyn Javid's poetry", traditionally announced to students and pupils annually by the House-Museum of Huseyn Javid of ANAS, was summed up.
The purpose of the contest was to promote the legacy of the great poet and playwright Huseyn Javid among the younger generation.
Within the frame of the event, reading examples have been evaluated by the jury, and the first five students qualified for the finals. The finalists (Ayten Eminova - "For the oppressed", Sharaf Khanjanova "Don’t be glad, don’t love my honey”, Khazar Khanaliyev "Devil" by Devil, Kenan Shahbazov Arif's dialogue, Gadir Abbasov "Sheikh Sanan") were performed lively and 3 people become winners.
The winners were awarded with books and a new printed calendar for 2020.

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