The "Devil" by the great playwright Huseyn Javid was first published in Montenegro language


By the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the work of "Devil", one of the most striking examples of the great playwright Huseyn Javid, was published in Montenegro language.
An extensive discussion and presentation of the book was held on October 22 at Montenegro University in Podgorica.
First, a group of participants visited the King's Park and laid flowers in front of Montenegro's famous son, Bojidar Podgorichani and Huseyin Javid, erected here.
At the event, a vice-rector of the university, Boris Vukichevich expressed his gratitude to the readers of Montenegro for the opportunity to get acquainted with the works of Huseyn Javid in their native languages.
Speaking at the ceremony, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, author of a detailed introduction to the Montenegro edition of the “Devil” Eldar Hasanov spoke about the erection of Javid’s monument in the park “King” in Podgorica in 2013, initiated by President Ilham Aliyev.
By direct intervention and efforts of the national leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev had brought Javid's funeral far away from the Siberian region and was buried in his native land. After gaining independence, a new era has launched in promotion and investigation of Javid’s legacy, stated the ambassador.
Rafael Huseynov, a Chairman of the Committee of Culture of the Milli Majlis, director of the National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi, academician, delivered a lecture on life and creativity of Huseyn Javid and informed the participants about his important place in the history of world literature and culture.
"It is not without reason that Javid has compared to the most famous figures of world literature, and called him Shakespeare of Azerbaijan and the East”. In 1926, Javid had been sent to Germany for a long time by the government's decision to treat his eyes. He was fortunate enough to have a close look at Europe and European life, trapped by many of his compatriots, said R. Huseynov.
Speaking about the nature of Javid's play "The Devil" created during World War I, academician Rafael Huseynov said that the author of the tragedy, had written his last drama of his life, when he was imprisoned in Siberia, titled "God." Earlier, he wrote plays "The Prophet" and "The Devil."
Rafael Huseynov said that translating and publishing Javid's pearl into Montenegro is an important event in the development of relations between our countries and peoples, our literature and culture. He thanked Dragana Pantovits, who skillfully played the "Devil" play in his native language.
Then a video was created by the Literary film department of the National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature, featuring various moments of Huseyn Javid's life and creativity, accompanied by music composed by Ertugrol Javid's for his teacher Uzeyir Hajibeyli.
Well-known Montenegro writers - academician Sreten Vuyovich, Goran Sekulovich, member of the Executive Council of the Chetina Library, publicist Bojidar Prorachich, chairman of the Azerbaijan Writers' Union Salim Babullaoglu and others spoke about creativity and lifetime of dramatist, social figure and great person Huseyn Javid.

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