Huseyn Javid's creativity is used in the Sultanate of Oman


Ehsan Sadiq Mohammad Allavati, a teacher of Arabic language and Literature Department of the faculty of Literature and Humanities at the Sultan Gabus University, Oman and his Azerbaijani doctoral student Rashad Hasanov visited the Huseyn Javid House Museum of ANAS.
The doctoral thesis of Rashad Hasanov, a student of the Sultan Gabus University, is on the theme “Comparison of female images in the works of Huseyn Javid and Khalil Juban”.
The guests were interested in the materials in the archive of Huseyn Javid's House Museum. Director of the Museum, PhD Gulbeniz Babakhanli said that, she is ready to provide any assistance in investigating an Arabic-language doctoral thesis about Huseyn Javid.
Finally, the guests were photographed in the museum's exposition.

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