International Mugam Center researcher visited Hussein Javid House Museum


Gulhuseyn Kazimli, a mugham masters researcher at the International Mugham Center (IMC), visited the Huseyn Javid's House Museum of ANAS.
The aim was to use rare materials in the book "Azerbaijan Intangible Cultural Monuments and Ertugrul Javid" published in 13 volumes by the museum in 2011.
Director of the Museum, Ph.D. Gulbeniz Babakhanli informed the guest about the book, saying that information about the folk music, mugams and epics of Azerbaijan, which Ertugrul Javid collected but could not cope, was reflected in the material. G.Babakhanli also mentioned interesting facts about the khanendes such as Haji Husu, Jabbar Qaryagdioglu and Jalil Bagdadbeyov.
G.Kazımlı, in turn, talked about Haji Husu and said that the museum materials will be used.

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