Welcome to the virtual version of Hussein Javid’s Home Museum.
Here you can see the Museum's exhibits. Currently you're familiar with the exhibits of “Javid’s tragedy” (II room) room.


Exhibits of the room

1. “Javid’s tragedy” a view of the room.
2. Photos reflecting the implementation of the funeral of Hussein Javid from Siberia to Baku and from here to Nakhchivan; document reflecting the Javid's hand painted signs, and photos from fas and profile when he arrested.
3. Two eyeglasses, Javid's pocket watch, and a handful of soil from the grave in Siberia belonging to Javid in the showcase where Javid's personal things protected.
4. Javid’s desk. On it unfinished manuscripts. Inkwell. His pencil. Last marks of last day Javid's leaving this room, this house.
5. “While Azer thinking”. A piece of poem from Javid’s last work called “Azer”.
6. Hussein Javid’s two eyeglasses and pocket watch.
7. Shamseddin Sami’s “Gamusi-Turku” in whatnot, some of the Javid's personal library books, family’s wall clock which stopped in the time of Javid's arresting.
8. “Superior force” table (Author: Vagif Ujatay), A.M.Sharifzadeh's image of the Devil which painted by Artogrol, hemistiches from play “Devil” and parts of letters sent to his family, teacher Uzeyir bay and to Bulbul.
9. Hussein Javid’s case.
10. Javid’s bust (Author: Omar Eldarov).
11. “Black Writing” tablo (Artist: Oktay Sadigzadeh). Victims of repression: Ahmad Javad (1112); Said Hussein (1286); Idris Akhundzadeh (2361); Panah Gasimov; Mikayil Musfig (1109); Abbas Mirza Sharifzadeh; Y.V.Chemenzeminli had been described in the work in 1937. At the bottom of the table, there are hemistiches from work “Sheikh Sanan”.
12. The protocol of search at Javid’s home, letters sent by Javid from Siberia - the last memories of him, 59-year-old's death certificate.
13. Javid slander-filled writings, signed in 1937 - reflecting the anonymous cuts plaque collage collection.