Welcome to the virtual version of Hussein Javid’s Home Museum.
Here you can see the Museum's exhibits. Currently you're familiar with the exhibits of “Javid’s life” (I room) room.


Exhibits of the room

1. “Javid’s life” a view of the room.
2. Javid's family's dining table.
3. Javid's family's coffer and the family's hand-woven carpet on it.
4. Javid's some manuscripts were saved by slidings of dining table belonging to Javid's family.
5. Javids' photos taken between 1923-36s.
6. H.Javid's original photo taken with teachers and students of the Theater College in 20's.
7. Hussein Javid’s manuscripts.
8. Javid's Azerbaijani language copybooks written in Arabic alphabet.
9. H.Javid's Azerbaijani language notebooks written in Arabic, as well as in the Latin alphabet.
10. Hussein Javid’s portrait. Reproduction. (Author: Ziver bay Ahmadbayov, with his signature). Baku 1922.
11. "Mishkinaz Javid" carpet plot (Author: carpet-artist A.Karimova).
12. Mishkinaz Javid’s marble bust, 1997. (Sculptor: Omar Aldarov).
13. Mishkinaz Javid’s portrait, oil painting, 1992. (Artist: Oktay Sadigzadeh).
14. “Turan Javid” carpet plot (Author: carpet-artist A.Karimova).
15. Hussein Javid's first teachers’ photos, and ascribed to him the documents corner: Mammad Taghi Sidgi; Sheikh Mohammed Rasizadeh, Card–Javid’s living in the towns and villages of the USSR, Baku, 1926; Card-about Javid's sending for scientific mission and treatment to Berlin, Baku, 1926; card №1469, Javid's place of residence, Nakhchivan, 1911; Spiritual Board of Transcaucasia Javid Shi'a cleric of the certificate of title, Tbilisi-Kutaisi 1913; Hussein Javid's identification card, about teaching the department of literature Darulfunun of Istanbul, Istanbul, 1906; program in 1922, in Baku, II level, Hussein Javid’s night of the mission schools held at 3-4, and the 7th Azerbaijani school, badge 1922.
16. Javid's family's table and seat.
17. Miskinaz Javid’s sewing machine.
18. On the shelf belonging to the family of “Pioneer” branded radio, lamp, and the Javid's personal library of books.
19. In table's sliding Javid's manuscripts.
20. “Hussein Javid and Heydar Aliyev” batic. (Artist: A.Kerimova).
21. Javid's family-owned clothing closet.