Welcome to the virtual version of Hussein Javid’s Home Museum.
Here you can see the Museum's exhibits. Currently you're familiar with the exhibits of “Javid’s immortality” (entrance room) room.


Exhibits of the room

1. The names of Javid's plays were written by using the method of embossed and carved walnut-tree by the artist Seyfaddin Mammadvaliyev on board which reminiscent the stage decorated with half-opened curtains. The scene begins with these words: “The world is an old scene”. At the bottom of this names there are pictures throughout the wall.The images depictingJavid's heroes which were seen in our scenes appeared by different artist generations of Azerbaijani scene during decades. On this board hung original posters calling to Javid's plays which played in Baku's theatres in 20-30's.
2. General view of entrance room.
3. Hussein Javid's works which have been published in Arabic and Latin script in during his lifetime.
4. Javid's books in different languages, works of Azerbaijani and foreign authors about Javid's life and creativity which were published after his justification.
5. The museum's new publications.
6. “Azerbaijan non-material cultural heritage and Artoghrol Javid” multivolumnous.
7. Heydar Aliyev's portrait who perpetuating the Javid's memory. Javid's mausoleum which is situated in Nakhichvan stands in the background. Under the portrait, written hemistiches from the play “The Prophet”:
“The one who cuts blood inflow in a track
he is the genius who rescued the Earth”
8. The plaster version of Hussein Javid's marble bust which sitiuted in Nakhichivan, 1996 (Sculptor: Omar Eldarov).
9. “Javid carpet”. (Author: artist A.Kerimova).
10. Turan Javid's marble bust. (Author: O.Eldarov).
11. Artogrol Javid's marble bust. (Author: O.Eldarov).
12. “The sign of fate” batic, 2003. (Artist: A.Kerimova).
13. “Artogrol Javid” batic. (Artist: A.Kerimova).
14. Woodcarving with a museum name. (Author: Seyfaddin Mammadvaliyev).