Dr. Gulbeniz Babakhanli

Gulbeniz İbrahim Babakhanli was born in Nakhchivan AR Sharur district in 1956.
She graduated the philological faculty of Azerbaijan State University named after at S.M.Kirov in 1980. She defended her candidate in 1992 and doctoral dissertation in 2009.
G.Babakhanli began her career in 1974 up to 2004 worked The museum of Azerbaijan Literature named after Nizami in various positions, including the chief of department of 19-20-th century Azerbaijan literature. She is the director of Hussein Javid’s Home Museum since 2004 and as well as a member of the New Azerbaijan Party.
G.Babakhanli is member of ICOM (International Council of Museums). She has been awarded with the honorary title of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. She has been also awarded by Academy of Humay-XXII with the “Humay” National award for the multi-volumenous of “Azerbaijan non-maaterial cultural heritage and Artogrol Javid”. She speaks russian, french and turkish languages.
She is an autor of monographs of “Undrying spring”, “Azerbaijan epic poems and classical heritage”, “The arsenal of poetic word”, “Azerbaijan literature thought and Hussein Javid”, “Heydar Aliyev and Hussein Javid” and also author of more than 100 scientific articles about problems of Azerbaijan literature.
She was prepared Hussein Javid’s works in 5 volumes for to publish, compiler, editor and author of the books are “Hussein Javid: life and art destiny”, 10 volumes of “Javidshunaslig” research collections, selected poems from Hussein Javid’s creativity “Husein Javid’s heritage and the modern time” “Javid’s wisdom” (selected aphorism), Hussein Javid and Abdulla Shaig’s “Literature classes”, “Javid’s wisdom” (selected aphorisms in miniature book), “Life is a word, if knows human”, “Wisdom of the word”, “Problems of contemporary literature”, “Researches of the young literature critics”, “Azerbaijan non-material cultural heritage and Artogrol Javid” in 10 volumes, “Hussein Javid and the modern era” (The materials of international conference dedicated to Hussein Javid’s 125 anniversary), Hussein Javid’s “Sheida” play in 10 languages, “Turan Javid: The Chronicle of Life”.
Gulbeniz Babakhanli is also author of idea compiler of Music Albom which composed to H.Javid’s words and Artogrol Javid’s works in CD and DVD.
She has been participated in conferences and exhibitions which held in the country and abroad (Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and her articles have been published in international scientific journals. Married, has 2 children.
Doctor of philology Gulbeniz Babakhanli continues successfully works started by Turan Khanım since 2004. Doctor of philology Gulbeniz Babakhanli is an expert who y has years of experience in the museum and knows her job. G.Babakhanli worked as a head of department at the Museum of Literature named after Nizami for many years. Exactly, after she was apointed director of the museum some reconstruction works were carried out in the museum, design has been carried out on exposition in accordance with modern requirements, the period corresponding and was created site of the museum.

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